Flickering on 1080p ! HELP !

Hey guys!

I bought a new TV today at boxing day, it's the Sony EX62 46'' (Bravia support).
I now have an issue with HDMI connecting on it.

I have an Xbox 360 which supports 1080p, and my TV also supports it.
I plugged my HDMI wire on my xbox to my TV's HDMI 1 port, and went into my Xbox's settings to force it to 1080p, but when I do, the screen flickers every 2-3 seconds and some weird blue and red vertical lines streak my screen, which is unbearable and obviously not playable. I have set it to 1080i which works perfectly, so does 720p.

I don't understand where the problem comes from, is it the cable? It couldn't be, because it's new out of the box. Is it the TV port? Can't be because when set to 1080i or another aspect ratio, it works wonderfully. So this leads me to think, is it the Xbox? is it a problem of compatibility settings between both machines?

Here's what I tried:

- Connecting to another HDMI port
- Using another HDMI cable
- Forcing my TV into 1080p, which I can't do for $hit, so it's probably not possible.
- Rebooting my Xbox

I'm clueless and I bought this TV specifically for the 1080p format which doesn't seem to be supported now, even if it says so on the box.

Any thoughts? I'm lost. And don't worry about using geek language, I'm one myself and I just emptied out my stock of answers on this one... Requesting fellow geekiness help! :kaola:
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  1. maybe the refresh rate is going down to 50 hz try setting it to atleast 60 hz
  2. The TV is supposed to be a 120 hz... And I can't find where to set it at??
  3. I doubt you can set it to anything different than 120hz. Theoretically it should upscale from 30 fps to 120 on its own, but I'm not 100% sure. But you say it works fine in 1080i right?
  4. Yes, it does. I'm trying to put it into 1080p, force the setting on my XBOX setting, not the TV. When I force 1080p on my XBOX settings page, it flickers and weird blue lines cover the screen, and it's all distorted. Any idea why it only does this with 1080p and not 1080i ?
  5. personally, I don't know for sure. It's one of the 2 things however:our
    1. xbox isn't putting out proper 1080p (might be hardware fault, try it on friend's HD tv or something to verify)
    2. your TV cannot properly upscale xbox's 1080p signal (might have something to do with that 120hz vs xbox putting out 30 fps)

    I'd say check consumer forums and see if any other people could connect their xbox to the TV in 1080p.

    personally, worst case I'd just go with 1080i, it's not that much different.
  6. 1080i is fine but I'd really like to use the tv's full potential after paying nearly 1k on it, you know what it is :na:

    I'll try detecting where the fault comes from, and try another Xbox on the same Tv, and the same xbox on another tv and see :)
    I'll report back when this is done!

    Thanks! Any other suggestions are also welcome guys!
  7. well, basically, back in the day some TVs used to advertise 1080p, but in reality they couldn't accept 1080p signal and instead what those TVs did is take in 720p or 1080i and upscale it to 1080p and then display it.

    So it's like "fake" 1080p, but I don't want to think that in this day and age your TV cannot handle 1080p input, that just doesn't make sense.
  8. Exactly my thoughts, this TV is a pretty recent one and I'm pretty sure it does really support it. :p
  9. Hi guys,

    I'm facing the same issues with my setup. I have a LG 42LW4500 which supports 1080p. When I plug my Xbox 360 through HDMI in my TV and try to use 1080p forced in game, it does not work properly. As you said before, it flickers.
    It looks like after I updated my dashboard to the last version. Before that, I remember to have no problems.
    I'll keep investigating and any news I'll report here.

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