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Kingwin cases are a well designed case. Why are they not more popular. Could it be the $100. cost?
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  1. I have a KT-424 series case and I've found its build quality to be better than similar Lian-Li and Cooler Master cases, at a significantly lower cost (IMO). They're probably not as popular because they're a newer name/competitor on the market. I'm not sure how long they've been around, so that's just a guess.

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  2. Markgun,
    I understand that this case has a plastic front cover, How does it fit. Also does the front fans move enough air. Did you add any fans to this case. Thanks..........

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  3. The front cover is all aluminum. The only plastic part is a little drop-down piece of plastic that covers the front USB and firewire ports. Airflow is good. It comes with two front case fans (with adjustable speed) and one rear case fan. I didn't add/replace any fans.

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  4. I have 2 Lian Li, 2 Cooler Master, and 2 Kingwin Cases. Cooler Master and Lian Li's build quality is better than Kingwin Case.
  5. upec,
    Ok, thanks for the reply. I have just noticed CoolerMaster's Praetorian mid tower case and it looks good with good features, I think I will go with this?

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