HEELLLLP...building new computer

Hey all.. first time poster here but I am going crosseyed looking at all the reviews and such on the items that are needed to build a new computer. I have a budget of about 300-500$ and I wanted to build a system that is not going to be outdated in 2years. Can anyone help me out on the specs that will fit into my price range??

Need a new case (I have some old Compaq Presario Minitowers that I need to get rid of).

I have everything from my old computer except:

Case w/power supply
Sound Card
3D Video Card (I love playing 3d video games like Everquest), so I need something with POWER.
Pentium 4 processor

Anyone have any ideas on these items listed above?
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  1. You could buy a Radeon 9800XT 256MB card for $500 and wish you had a computer to put it in.

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