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Can i run Skyrim on ultra?

I have: AMD phenom x4 955 be (3.6ghz), 16gb g.skill ram, 1tb wd caviar black, asus eah6850. i use a 1280x1024 monitor
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  1. ^ fail

    hes playing a low res with an overkill card he can easily play ultra
  2. CPU bottleneck, fps will drop in town. May need to turn off shadow.
  3. hes cpu wont bottleneck the card at 3.6 ghz with a 955
  4. cmon guys,a BE 955@3.6 is NOT gonna bottleneck skyrim @ 1280x1024....youll easily be able to play it at ultra with a 6850
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    No, actually the CPU will NOT be any bottleneck here at all. You will be able to play at ultra, maybe shadows turned down a bit and go a bit easier on the AA and AF, but you will do pretty fine at that resolution.
  6. Yes you can run ultra. Eldd is correct, listen to this man
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  8. if you head over to the nexus you can get a few tweaks that will allow you to play the game on ultra.. personaly i turn off the fxaa but there is no need to 1s you get the tweaks working.
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