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Installing games on which drive?

I was just wondering where people tend to install their games.

I have a main hard-drive on a dual-boot (XP and Vista 32-bit). I want to keep the OS drives as lean and free as possible because when I image the drives with Norton Ghost, it's a lot easier to re-install a smaller image and keep the core programs and OS files together.

I believe some games will install some files onto the main OS drive or into folders like my documents, etc.

Does anyone have partitions for games only or a seperate drive? Is there a benefit to keeping them off the main drive? Can there be problems not installing them on the OS drive?

What about legacy games, or things like DOSbox?

Any suggestions or info?
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  1. I usually don't install anything other than drivers and MS-Office in my OS drive, but as you said, some games install launchers or put save files in the OS drive (Assassin's Creed, GTA IV etc). If the OS drive gets too cluttered up, the system takes longer to boot up, I think.
  2. I usually install my games on my primary. It's only a 500gb but it's a 7200 rpm vs my slave being a 5900 so I figure the slower boot times is worth it given the faster load times. Ideally a solid state drive as primary would be the best while a HDD as storage would work well.
  3. Thank you for the replys.

    If a person had an SSD as a primary, and a HDD as secondary, etc: Where do you install the games?

    Has anyone noticed a performance increase with the games and SSD's? If so, is it just the loading of the games? It probably only happens if the games are programmed or coded to take advantage of multi-threading and such...

    The SSD's prices are not ok per gigabyte. When they cost $60 - $100 for 3TB - 3TB+ and have no PCI cards or extras to install: I'll start buying. The motherboards need what those PCI cards have, so those slots are free for the important extras.

    Some of my posts are not getting replys. I think I need a more "I build my own" techy gamer forum. No offence. Any other places anyone can suggest to supplement Tom's Hardware?
  4. Has anyone been able to sucessfully run games off of external drives by usb2, firewire 400 or 800, eSATA, usb3 or thunderbolt?

    I'm not sure if they can sustain the needed speeds, even usb3 or thunderbolt.
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    I use 3 harddrives on both my desktop and laptop with relatively the same layout:

    SSD: OS
    HDD (higher end): Game
    HDD (large volume): Data
  6. Thank you TheFNCount. Are yout laptop drive all internal? The most I'v seen or read about online are the potential for 2 internal drives. I'd like a laptop with 3 or 4 internal drives if possible.

    My laptop only has one internal drive, I have 1. eSATA external (for the bigger files and stuff I need to transfer between the desktop and laptop faster than usb2) and a 2. usb2 (storage, some regular things).
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