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I have quite a serious problem. I don't know whether it is entirely game-related, but it only happens in Skyrim. I recently got Skyrim and a new screen, an LG Flatron E2441, for christmas. Now, it works fine, except for a few, quite surprising errors. In certain parts of the game, the decals of moss on the rocks and sometimes snow on the floor, get more or less in an instant vanished then totally there, then vanished again, depending on where I stand.

I also have a problem where some parts of houses would completely vanish and then pop back up again, depending where I stand including people. I assume it has something to do with the lighting. Another problem is the screen keeps cutting out and going into "Power Saving Mode" "DVI-D". This doesn't happen in my desktop, as I have been running the desktop for a couple of hours and nothing happens.

I assumed that full-screen application would be causing the problem so I decided to test out Garry's Mod for a couple of hours, but that didn't make it die either. I'm only asking whether this type of screen model is a problem and whether it can be resolved, now or otherwise. I have also tried it using the DX9 unofficial mod performance fix and the decals work, don't know about the screen. Thank You and I hope I get some feedback.

ATI Radeon HD 6850 Gigabyte overclocked
Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P Mobo
Unlocked AMD Phenom II X4 B50 3.2GHz
LG Flatron E2441 Monitor with HDMI input
Other than the info I have given above, I used DX11 and no applications in the background.
And I have no images yet, as most problems cannot be seen with a still picture. They need to be on video and my PC might not be able to handle that.
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  1. Your monitor is fine. Seems like a game or videocard related issue. Update all drivers to latest ones.
  2. Updating nvidia graphics driver solved this issue for me. In my case, any body of water would vanish when viewed from the wrong angle.
  3. If updating to latest drivers does not help, you could also underclock your video card. I noticed it came overclocked and lowering the speeds by 10 or 20 mhz could possibly fix it. But always update drivers first
  4. I have found one answer relating to the Anti-Aliasing mode in the CCC on ATI cards. The textures problem will be fixed by changing "Adaptive Multi-Sample AA" to "Super Sample AA" or "Multi-Sample AA" the texture problem gets fixed. Don't know about the monitor, but since thats looking to be like a game problem, I reckon the same will happen there too. Thanks for the help!

    EDIT: I have also updated my drivers and rolled them back to check the driver issues. Sorry about not mentioning that.
  5. The problem isn't just a monitor problem. It turns out Skyrim crashes the whole Windows desktop, as the PC itself still runs; at random intervals. This is a major problem for me as I need to unsafely turn off the PC and turn it back on. The only mod I currently use is "Realistic Water Mod" and it happened way before I installed it. it's a great game but i'm starting to get a little annoyed with the amount of things I need to do to fix it up.

    Thanks for your feedback, again, all.

    EDIT: Wrong Spelling
  6. Did you find any fix too this ?? I have the same problem and its stared just resent, before i could play the game with no problems at all, and its only skyrim that i have this problem with.
  7. Well, in the moment it could be bios, mobo, psu, cpu or conflict of drivers. Conflict of drivers is out, as I tried it and it failed. I have here three threads that might help you, but chances are that we need to make enough noise and wait until Bethesda patch it up or the Skyrim Nexus notices it and makes a mod.

    Thread one:

    Thread two:

    Thread Three: (The big thread with a whole host of options, mainly hardware-related. Three Pages.)

    Please tell me if any of this helps.
  8. I had the same problem, but i have already FIXED IT. I just went to overclock-page of my graphic card and set everything on minimum. Graphic is still same as before, but game doesn´t fall anymore.
  9. I had similar problems ONLY in Skyrim - not with other games, apps, benchmark tools, you name it. Only Skyrim. After over a week of collecting data, research and troubleshooting, I think I found it: disabling Speedstep (or whatever the equivalent is for AMD) is something you should at least try. In my case, I had to go into the BIOS and disable three items:

    CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E)
    C3/C6 State Support
    CPU EIST Function

    More info here:

    HTH let us know.
  10. chances are its your overclocked gfx artifacting... skyrim is quite stressful on gfx so its likely your pushing it to far with the oc.

    as for turning off speed step, i have never had to... i run a 3.6 oc with all the powersaving options enabled as my pc is on 24/7 but spends most of the time at idle.
    normally when you run an oc its better to turn all this off but its not necessary if you dont go bumping volts and the oc is stable.
  11. Ok thanks guys, I should have posted this earlier, but I think I have found a solution aswell. I went ahead and downloaded DXtory, and set the video FPS to 30. Leaving OC'ing on, it only crashed once, and then ran fine for 2.5 hours (as proved by Playfire!)! This is the longest I have ever played it in one go and lasted much longer than before. The best part is, I don't experience any lag, as it only ever dips about 5 fps when rendering towns or when loading a new save. If it still dies multiple times I'll do everything that you guys have posted, but it's been running fine for days.

    Again Thanks so much for your help! :D
  12. im bit baffled by this today my monitor turned itself off and then back on immediately... i looked in the event logs and it wasnt a driver fail. so either the monitor decided to take a dump or something else video related cause it. i was only watching a avi file so there was no stress on my gpu... this is the first time this has happend. i hope its not the start of a fail as i cant really afford a new monitor, but i also hope its not the drivers as they have been flawless in games like bf3
    as for skyrim performance check some of the other topics for links to performance enhancments that may increase your stability...
    btw im using 12.1 perfomance beta drivers that are a month or so old now. like i said they have performed flawlessly so may be worth you checking out.
  13. Thanks! :D
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