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Ok, I have just put in a new video card and I dont think my power supply has enough power. It says on it that it is a 450 watt max power supply. It is set at 115 volts. But if I switch it up to the next setting , like 230 or something, will that give me enough power for the video card or will i destroy something on my motherboard? I don't really want to go start switching stuff and making adjustments and things and end up destroying all of it, so any help would be appreciative - thanks!
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  1. that switch is for line voltage , keep it at 115v if your in the states , why do you think you supply doesn't have enough power , Problem ?? need more info
  2. Ok first off here is what I have. K7N2G-ILSR Motherboard with an AthlonXP 2800+, 2 sticks of 512 DDR400 RAM. I was using the IGP on the motherboard and everything was going fine untill I needed some extra video power. So I got the 9600XT and popped that in. The problem is, every 1 out 3 times I boot up the computer, I get no video. Then I have to restart it a few times and then the video comes up. I've installed new drivers for the card, installed patches for windows 2000 (its at service pack 4) and I checked the BIOS for any settings. So right now I'm thinking of any possibility. My next try is to update the BIOS but I was hoping it was as easy flipping the switch. I live the US and I did a stupid move. I bought the card from Best Buy so I don't think it is an issue of taking it back so I might do an RMA with ATI itself depending on the problem. I checked the monitor so it is not the cable and I never had this problem until I poped the card in. So I kinda guessed that the card was not getting enough power or something. That is why i posted it in this thread.
  3. What ever you do, do not touch that switch, the PSU could blow. I would update the motherboard Bios b4 you do anything else. Try checking your voltages with MBM, if they drop at heavy load it could be your power supply.

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