Quiet power supply, what about this one?

Hey, perhaps you guys can help me. I'm looking at a quiet system, adding to the components I've already got. I've seen a quiet case I've got my eye on (Acousticase C6607B), and I need to think about a quiet power supply. The noise of my current system is one of the major reasons I'm making the change sooner rather than later, so noise really is very important.
The stats of the PC will be:

Athlon XP 2500 (future upgrade to 3200 or beyond definitely on the cards)
Zalman CNPS7000A-ALCU CPU cooler
MSI KT6 Delta-FISR KT600 Mobo, 512MB RAM
Tyan Radeon 9600 pro, with heatpipe cooler (no fan). Slightly overclocked.
DVD writer
CDRW/DVD combo drive
4x250GB Maxtor Maxline Plus II drives on RAID
Possibly one further boot drive, to be decided.
1x120mm case fan. (should I have two?)
TV tuner card
Audigy soundcard
Floppy drive
Quite often charging cellphone, iPOD on USB connection.

My main question is - will a 350W PSU be sufficient for said system? I am considering the Qtechnology Ultra-Quiet ATX 350W, which is according to quietpc.com their quietest. but is it enough? If not, are there any other suggestions for quiet PSUs that wouldn't make the system louder?

Also, a secondary question. Is my choice of hard drive ok for noise? Not enough large drive bays mean I can't put them all in SilentDrive or equivalent silencers. are there any particularly quiet 250GB SATA drives that stand out above my choice?

Many thanks,

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  1. I've been very happy with Antec's TrueBlue PSU. Its 480w, and quieter that my cpu fan.. My cpu fan is a stock AMD cooler, so that doesn't say a lot. But i love it.

    AMD XP 2000+, MSI K7N2, 1 Gig DDR 333 (512x2), ATi 9700 Pro, 20gig Western Digital, 80gig Western Digital, Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum, Klipsch ProMedia 5.1, LG 48/24/48/16, Antec TrueBlue 480w PSU
  2. Thanks, I'll take a look at those. Anyone got any experience of Qtechnology power supplies? and is 350W enough for my requirements?

  3. I know the Fortron Source 350W that Tom's accused of being noisy would work, and is VERY quiet. Too bad they turned the fan speed nob up all the way for THEIR test.

    Consider their 400W unit as well.

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  4. I had a Q-Tec supply once...returned it the next day. I was supposed to be ultra-quiet at <33db, I was very dissappointed by it. However this was one of thier very cheap standard PSU's, so im not sure about the ones they sell on www.quietpc.com (they seem a lot better).
    Im currently using a sapphire 420watt PSU from globalwin, its rated at 19db (it really is very quiet). It's a very good quality PSU as well. Check out this link:
    <A HREF="http://www.globalwin.com.tw/products/power/" target="_new">http://www.globalwin.com.tw/products/power/</A>

    P.S. They also come with funky blue windows :smile:

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  5. Also look at Zalman and Nexus. Is Q-Tec the producer of SilentX PSUs?
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