PSU and standby mode

Hey, got a kinda dumb question...

I've been using mass-manufactured PC's for years, and I just built my first one by hand. When it goes to standby, the power supply keeps on giving power to everything in the system, including all the fans, case lights, etc. Even the fans that are hooked up to the motherboard keep running when it's in standby mode. The only difference that I can tell (besides the fact that the computer isn't actually on and running) is that the video card powers down and the power light on the case blinks on and off. In all other respects it looks like the PC is still running.

Is there anything I can do about this? It sure doesn't seem like an effective power saving mode to me!


ULTRA 500 watt PSU
DFI NFII Ultra AL Mobo
Athlon XP 3000+
3 Sticks of PC3200
GForce FX 5900 (BFG)
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  1. This is perfectly normal standby behavior.

    I've really never seen a computer that turns off it's fans in standby mode. You might be getting standby and hibernate mixed up.

    In standby, the primary power savings comes from your monitor powering off. Your hard drive also cuts off and I believe the CPU gets less power.
  2. That's odd. My old Sony Vaio desktop would shut all the way down when it went to standby. The only way you'd know it wasn't all the way off was that the power light would be on (and amber colored instead of green). Admittedly, I think that PC had one fan (in the PSU), and that may have been the source of my confusion.

    Thanks for the response,
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