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PC vs Console: which is better

Ok so i know this is a touchy subject, but me and my friend are having this MAJOR conversation about PC vs Console gaming. So i came to the forum.
Please post which you think is better. Or if you have any specs on ether please post them also.
I Know its more of which you like better but one side always has to have a winner.
thank you very much
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    this debate topic has existed ever since consoles came out. There will be no winner, because which is better for you depends solely on your preferences and financial situation (and sometimes other circumstances). To say that PC gaming is better or console gaming is better as an absolute truth would be shortsighted and stupid.

    if you want valid points to the argument try using google. threads like this, well actually proper term would be flame wars have happened on practically every board that has anything to do with gaming.
  2. Agree it depends on individual preferences, but there's no question that a high spec PC wipes the floor with any console on graphical quality. If that matters to you (and it matters to me a lot) than PC is the way to go.

    On the other hand PCs are far more expensive and more fiddly to use, some games are better optimised for consoles, and some games aren't released on the PC.

    For me, it's PC all the way.
  3. This question is like answering which of the 3 Grand Cuisines (Chinese, French, Turkish) is better than the other two.

    In short, there is no definite answer to this question.
  4. I figured there wasn't an exact answer, but then again were not robots so we cant really force or expect anyone to like something they don't. thank you for the replys.

    For me, i'm a PC enthusiast, every game i get is for PC and if its a racing game i bust out my steering wheel, and if its a combat Flight sim i hook up my joystick, and if a game feels funny playing with keyboard and mouse which is like never, i have a Xbox or PS3 controller.

    So what i cant understand is why some people say PC graphics are worst than console. at least thats what some of my friends keep saying. Or my favorite.. "PC games are limited because they only have DVDs so they cant store as much data"........ I nearly lost a ball when i hear that one

    Anyway, if there was no such thing as preference or price, the PC would be better right?
  5. Depends on two things in my opinion:

    The Game itself
    Your History

    The Game itself: some games feel better on console (for example Madden) granted you can play some of the older ones with a controller, however they are designed for consoles mainly. Other games (like Counter-Strike) are designed for PC, and thus play better on a PC (not to mention that there is a advantage to using Kb/M with FPS).

    Your History: I grew up playing on PC, so I prefer the PC. Someone that grew up Consoles would likely prefer consoles.

    What I do: play the game on its designed platform, then find a way to use my preferred control method:

    KB/M on XBox 360: use a XIM3
    KB/M on PS3: use a XIM3 with a XBox 360/PS3 adapter

    XBox 360 controller on PC: use Microsoft driver and Xpadder 5.3+ if the game does not support controller
    PS3 controller on PC: this ones tricky and uses "shady" 3rd party drivers (since Sony apparently won't release it themselves). so be careful. once you have a driver that works (Google) you can use Xpadder for games that don't support controllers.
  6. well if we drop all the exclusive titles and we drop the game that were designed for consoles and then got ported to PC (which then yields no graphical differences besides forcing post processing thru GPU on PC) and we also throw out games that play better on controller vs KbM or vice versa (since you effectively can use different control methods, see post above). Then at the very end we are left with: PC DRM vs console DRM and PC hardware vs Console hardware.

    The DRM issue, some PC games are bogged down with DRM to a point that even if you got a legit copy it makes the game experience a pain in the 5th point, while console counterparts usually don't suffer such issues. However, same can be argued that in case such games do come out majority of them are PC exclusives, in which case this point is moot for consoles.

    The hardware issue is pretty darn obvious, PC being more versatile will always have better hardware than a console. The only pain in the ass to it is that sometimes you get into problems like compatibility issues and hardware issues and all that jazz with upgrading and knowing how your rig works and what makes it tick. If you don't mind that or you actually love doing it (like most PC gamers around here) then it's not a problem, but for a console gamer, they don't have to bother with such things, they chose the easy way out: "Let the corporate world figure out the hardware part and I will just pay for the game disk and it's guaranteed to work." Given that even consoles fail sometimes and you get into headaches of getting it repaired or replaced, etc. But if such infidelities are dropped from the argument then, PCs would almost always win on the hardware basis.

    That's all I've got to say about justifying my unwillingness to spend money on any type of console besides handheld.
  7. consoles are better for more than 2 players.
    pcs are better for solitary play!

    it's that simple!

    also you need to think about game selection.

    consoles are not that inferior to pc graphics either.. frankly the difference is really not that different. I mean I can easily enjoy my game on a console and be wowed by the graphics in crysis, just as much as I can on my pc version, sure not as GREAT. but still enjoying my gaming experience and having fun.
  8. There is no absolute winner and there never will be. There are pros and cons to both:

    Easier to set up
    Games are optimized for the hardware
    Splitscreen game play

    Backwards compatibility
    Multi Purpose
    Cheaper Games
    Free Multiplayer

    I say PC games being cheaper is debatable because console game can be resold while PC games can't be and I say that Consoles may not be cheaper because if you have a PS3/X-Box/Wii you probably have a computer. Since an average half decent computer cost about $500.00 and a console costs $300.00 you can just build a gaming computer and sink the $300 into a GPU/Better CPU.
  9. Wow all really great points, thank you very much.
    and we all know that this discussion will go on forever so ill just choose the best answer and close this thread.

    Again I thank everyone for there input.
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  11. get both. i must admit though i do enjoy playing games on my pc on my 40" samsung 3d tv sat back in my chair with the xbox pad
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