I wanna new gamin moose (as we geordies say)

im looking into a few options for a gaming mouse, mu current lachesis seems to be developing a fault. it seems to lock up directionally and keeps firing after i have let the mouse button go and basically causes a runaway. after firmware updates and new drivers im still having this issue, but only with fps games that require rappid movements... shame of it is this is a replacement mouse because the first lachesis stopped registering the mmb. i notice this 1 has also... so buying another is out of the question when i have 2 models fail in basically the same way.
so im looking at the cyborg rat for a replacement...

currently i can get the rat 5 for 50 the rat 7 for 70 and the rat 9 for 80 pounds
which if any do you recomend or would i be better off getting 1 of the new modle rat 7's or the albino...

i really just want accuracy and a small liftoff as i play mostly fps and do a bit of 3ds max.

if you dont think there particularly worth the money what do you recommend. my budget is a maximum of 80 pounds... as i want to order or collect this mouse later today 28th dec 2011 or at the latest this evening 4pm. after that i will have to wait till the new year to get it delivered.
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  1. I was just in the market for a decent gaming mouse. After a lot of research I unexpectedly settled on the Deathadder 3.5. Found that the sensor in the deathadder is very solid compared to most other mice.


  2. im done with razer m8. there build quality doesn't warrant the price.
    although that link is great. i can see the rat 7 uses the same sensor as the razer mouse i currently have so other than palm feel there should be no difference in control (hopefully)
  3. I hear you brother on the QC with razer. The Mad Catz Rat 7 twin eye sensor has some issues itself. Maybe they fixed it with the new albino though, not sure. Haven't found out what sensor the albino uses.

    Overall though I've read a lot of positive things about the Rat 7 in reviews and just from the average customer base, except for the occasional person that seemed to have a sensor issue.
  4. yeah i heard the albino and its follow up both have better sensor feedback.
    just for giggles im gonna ask the guy in pc world about em... that should make me laugh a bit...
    sad thing is if i go for the albino i will have to suffer this lockup over the new year as there is nowhere local that sells em.
  5. I stumbled upon the rat 7 contagion too. Looks identical to the Albino except for the blue print and title. =/ Hmm. http://www.cyborggaming.com/prod/rat7contagion.htm

    Well when you get your hands on one let us know how you like it. =)
  6. I use a Logitech G500.
  7. just got a new mouse as my old wireless logitech g7 finally gave up--loved that mouse as it had quick swap battery

    in the end i decided to go wired and i went for the corsair m60 and so far really cant fault it

    feels well made and glides beautifully

    thought the price was really reasonable too

  8. yeah i was looking at the contagnation they claims to fix a few of the issues with the rat 7. but to be honest at 7-80 quid there should be no issues.
  9. Well, I dig my SteelSeries Ikari.....but I'm always hesitant to recommend it because people either love or hate the way they feel, and they are towards the expensive side.

    I'm a palmer and this mouse feels extremely comfortable to me for that. It doesn't have a bunch of stuff I don't want, small liftoff, and also allows you to set 2 dpi settings on the mouse itself (no driver software needed). This is also handy if you want to plug your mouse into someone else's machine but keep your settings.

  10. well thanx for the input guys. i ended up getting the rat 7 contagion... for 80 which was a bargain... i got em to price match it with the cheapest on google... i just didnt tell em they shop there price matching didnt have em in stock and that when you went to there site the mouse was 20 more than advertised...

    anyways guys thanx again there were some good options given that i will pass on to friends who are looking for mice themselves...

    mods you can close this now... thank you!.
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