Can someone help me, I forgot the name of a game?

Can someone tell me how called a game that I played long ago: you need to mount various components (radars, weapons, triggers etc..) on some types of hovercraft with which then you play: "Capture the Flag", a kind of sumo, races, etc..

During the competition you have NO CONTROL over the vehicle!
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  1. hmm that sounds interesting but I've never heard of such a thing. I think this be one of those pure statistical games

    **Edit direct link for game>
    looks like your not the only one searching man, was that what you were after?
  3. Interesting game for his time but is not that.

    I understand that it's hard to imagine for who has not played the game, but I repeat:

    "During the competition you have NO CONTROL over the vehicle!"

    That's why seems so particular, it was like programing a race and than just sit and watch. It's something like what happens in "Robot Wars Extreme" but without external control.

    I can say a lot of details about the game but I think does not help;
    what is special about is :
    you must attach some components to a vehicle so that you had to win competition (WITHOUT control during the competition).

    Example of what I remember:
    the speed race was pretty simple: you need only about two radars, two triggers, a steering wheel and an engine; you place a radar to the left front, one to the right, if the radar signal left border, pulled steering wheel to the right and vice versa, etc ...
  4. Case closed = MindRover: The Europa Project
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