GeForce GTX 550Ti need to start games twice

Hi newbie here :hello:

I play Eve Online and Mortal Online - this is mainly about MO. Every time I want to play MO, I start the game up OK and go into it. I then wait say a couple of minutes, and then the video collapses into artifacts, smears of colour, odd retangles with what looks like text floating across them (sounds like I'm tripping :) but seriously!) _ then then exit the program (I can still do this gracefully). Then I restart the game in exactly the same way, and then I can play perfectly, with no graphics problems or anything. I can the exit and restart the game and still all is well.

If I then turn the PC off and on, then restart the game again - I get the problem I described above. This is 100% repeatable. I believe this affects Eve as well though I haven't actually played in a while.

GA-890FXA board, 4Gb Kingston DDR3, Phenom II 6 core, fans all over the place, DirectX9

Wierd, huh? :o
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  1. It's very annoying, BTW :D
  2. It sounds like it's not able to open all of it up and have to cache it. Then once you close it, it has enough cached to be able to open the game all the way and keeps it cached so you can keep using it. Then once you restart, it loses that cached data and has to recache it again.
  3. I'm inclined to think this is a software problem with the game rather than anything being wrong with your computer.
  4. Thanks for reply.

    I believe I have latest nvidia drivers but I'll check this evening. Actually is EVGA GTX550, rather than Nvidia GTX550, but I don't think that should make any difference :??:

    I checked using Eve, that has exactly the same problem. I also checked by starting Eve, getting the problem (this time looking like you are viewing everything through a faceted glass window, where each facet appeared to be textures used in starbase interiors), exiting Eve, then starting MO - the problem did not recur in MO - so it appears to be to do with card and/or drivers rather than the games. Sounds like the card not getting initialised properly?

    My driver is 285.58 btw
  5. pretty sure 285.62 is the latest
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