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Hey guys i have an athlon II x2 250 3.0ghz (and 3gb ram)and its bottlenecking my gtx 550ti i noticed the bottleneck because at bf3 in any screen resolution at high settings (not ultra) the frame rates are the same (25-30) should i buy a phenom II x4 955 and 1 more gb of ram or stick with the 3gb and buy a phenom II x6 1055t?
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  1. if you got win 64, 4 gb couldn't hurt, if you got 32 bit probably not worth the bother.

    in regard to upgrading from dual to quad, probably a fair upgrade, but as far as I can tell bf3 shouldn't be bottlenecked by 3ghz dual core. you might want to do some more testing...

  2. I took a picture of bf3 with the gpu load and the cpu load, is it a bottleneck?

    heres the pic:
  3. well seems like abottle neck, but another thing I'd be concerned with is your GPU is 70C while only @ 30%, you might border 100C when you go above 50% load

    also VRAM load is very low, strangely so

    also with the amount things you're running, try turning some things off to free up CPU time, if you see an improvement in FPS then it's a sure bottleneck
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