BF3 CPU Spikes


I'm getting weird cpu spikes that seem rather constant throughout the game (every 2-3 seconds), which causes the game to microstutter.

I tried formatting the hdd, installing a fresh copy of windows 7 and only chrome, bf3 and an anti-virus (disabled during the game). Also defragmented the (almost empty) hdd. Same issue. This even happens between matches (when only the scoreboard is displayed).

Tried playing with:

RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit to 1/2/3 -- limited effect. Spikes are still there, but they seem to occur at half the strength (~50 instead of ~90).
RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable to 0 -- no effect
Vsync on (with triple buffering) -- spikes occur more often, less than 1 second apart

I also disabled Origin in-game.

My system:

Athlon II X4 630 (4 cores at 2.8GHz, Cool'N'Quiet disabled)
4GB DDR3 RAM @ 1333MHz
ATI HD 5770, 1GB DDR5 (disabled tesselation and catalyst ai)
AMD 870 chipset

Here are some screenshots:

During deploy screen:

Between matches:

During gameplay:

I am pretty sure the graphics board plays no role in this, as I tried playing the game at 640x480 all setting low, with the same spikes occuring. Again, this is with a fresh install of windows 7 on a formatted hdd, with only chrome and an anti-virus installed (the latter which was disabled during the test). Windows has been fully updated and I am using the latest drivers.
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  1. windows power settings set to max performance/always on and all that?
  2. It is now, no difference. Also tried killing any process I could, including Origin and EACoreServer. Also tried GameBooster. No joy.

    I see this guy here seems to have the same problem:

    No idea what I could try on next.

    With the game on, CPU sits at about 60-70%, ram is at 60%.

  3. Having the same/a very similar problem with this build:

    Intel Core i3 2100 CPU
    HD 6850
    650w PSU
    P67a-G43 MSI board
    8GB DDR3 RAM

    Have tried fresh installs, changing RAM, driver swaps, etc to no avail. Probably a software problem?
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