what kind should i get ?

i just got this compaq 8000t computer for my bday and i was wondering what kind of psu should i get to replace the one in this. i read into it a little and found out it uses an atx ps/2 250 watt power supply unit. i want to replace it with a 400watt one thats decent. one of the reasons i want a new psu is because i wanted to put in more cooling fans. right now these are the system specs:

P4 2.8ghz h/t @ 800mhz fsb
865pe mobo
1gb pc3200 ddr ram
30 gb hd
nvidia geforce 5900 ultra w/ 256mb ddr ram
soundblaster audigy 2 sound card
cdrw drive and dvd drive
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  1. My secondary computer is a Compaq 5000Z. I tried to upgrade the power supply and Compaq said it could not be upgraded to a standard ATX power supply. Maybe your case has a different design. You can always buy one at Best Buy and try and see if it fits. If it doesn't take it back. I would buy a Antec or Enermax. 400 watts should be good. I have an Antec 430 watt PSU and it powers my system fine. Here is a full list of my comp:
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  2. Fortron is better quality, offers more power, and cost less than Antec. Their 350W unit offers nearly as much power as Antec's True Power 430.

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