Serious System Crash with Skyrim

Hello all,

I seem to have a serious problem with Skyrim. I seem to play for a little while and all of a sudden, my desktop crashes. The power to the monitor goes out, and I need t unsafely turn off my PC. This happens on any graphics setting and is really starting to annoy. I love the game but don't want it to kill my PC all the time. The monitor says "DVI-D Power Saving Mode" when system crashes, the saem as when it is off. I have a HDMI cable to the monitor aswell.

ATI Radeon HD 6850 Gigabyte overclocked
Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P Mobo
Unlocked AMD Phenom II X4 B50 3.2GHz
LG Flatron E2441 Monitor with HDMI input
6Gb of 1066 MHz RAM
Other than the info I have given above, I used DX11 and no applications in the background.
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  1. Do you have a temp monitor like hwmonitor? It sounds like your card is overheating and is forced to shutdown.
  2. I have Gigabytes ET6, but that doesn't monitor Graphics Temperature. Does hwmonitor monitor graphics temperature and then give an alert if it goes over a designated temp?
  3. hwmonitor, hwinfo or speedfan all monitor all your available sensors. as far as alarm giving, I believe you can set something up with speedfan. Not sure about the other 2.

    also, is your GPU factory overclocked or you did it yourself? Can you roll the overclock back to check that it might be unstable overclock?
  4. It is a factory overclock by gigabyte, but I overclocked a little myself. I will roll it back to it's original setting and tune up the fan speed from 83%, which it is on now. Ill download one of the programs, see how it goes.
  5. Its gets to at least 50 degrees C while playing normally, according to "SpeedFan". Is this acceptable, or too high?
  6. Would a faulty driver be a problem?
  7. 50C is fine. I don't think you have a driver issue. With the downclock are you still crashing?
  8. yes driver issue could cause this.

    50C is normal temp, if you creep up above 75 then you should worry
  9. if it was happening with other games i would think temps. but as its skyrim then i would suggest updates and tweaks. for help and tweaks that may stabilize the game.
  10. Guys, I think I have the answer! My NVIDIA drivers from my old card were still there, and this means that it probably was a conflict of drivers. Here is the full forum post for anyone with similar problems and how to fix it: (2-Page forum)

    NOTE: I have been running it for a while with no problems, so it must've been this "Conflict of Drivers."\

    Thanks Guys, and Happy Holidays!
  11. Alright it died again. I'm running out of options. In the hope that the driver installed incorrectly or that the driver is just plain ***, I am going to re-install or roll them back. I hope someone is still following this forum post. The Graphics card does not overheat, so it could be a psu problem with the voltage at the lead connectors, but probably software problem. I hope someone is still following this post, because if not, I will need to put it up as a new forum post.
  12. Hi. I have a similar problem. My game runs really well, but sometimes when I try to open the "World Map" my monitor turns off, and I have to restart the PC by pushing the power button. I'm almost sure that it is a driver problem.

    I5 750
    ATI 5870
    4 GB ram
    Gigabyte UD3-R

    EDIT: A lot of people seem to have the same problem. Look at this simple Google-search:

    I guess we will have to wait for a new driver ;).
  13. Not sure from the answers whether you ever set the GPU clock rate back. That fixed similar crashes for me. See my post elsewhere:
  14. mxcrowe said:
    Not sure from the answers whether you ever set the GPU clock rate back. That fixed similar crashes for me. See my post elsewhere:

    Yeah, I did, sorry about not mentioning that.
  15. I reckon if a lot of people have this problem and there is no definite fix to it, trying temporary fixes is the best we can do until a proper patch or mod on the Skyrim Nexus comes out?
  16. I had the same problem, but i have already FIXED IT. I just went to overclock-page of my graphic card and set everything on minimum. Graphic is still same as before, but game doesn´t fall anymore.
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