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Dr Teeth Wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Mar 2005 21:17:24 +0000, robr
> wrote:
> -
> What is people's experience with
> different file systems ( FAT 32 versus NFTS ) and cluster size related
> to performance of computer ??-
> You don't say *when* you PC is slow. If it is not during disk reads,
> it ain't the disk.
> Also, what size is your partition? 60Gb FAT 32 will be faster than
> NTFS. Your cluster size is fine.
> How long has your PC been used since setup? Win XP does some
> optimisations for file locations so recently used progs load faster.
> More info generally would be handy.
> --
> Cheers,
> Guy
> Thanks, Guy
> My computer is slow loading programs and then even slow when working
> within the program. When I load a program by double clicking icon, the
> first couple of seconds nothing happens and then programs loads. And
> once loading started , it loads slower then on my old computer. Working
> within a program and clicking something, it seems to hesitate for a
> second or so before taking action.
> I have a 80Gb 7200rpm harddrive. First C partition is 10Gb on which I
> have Windows XP installed. Then I have 3 more partitions of 20+ Gb for
> Programs, Games and Data. I choosed NTFS because reports said it was
> more stable/secure then FAT32.
> The computer has been slow ever since I first started it. I never
> managed to get it going properly.
> I hope somebody can help.

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.perform_maintain (More info?)

    I am assuming that your 'old' PC and 'new' PC are the same.

    In any case, with such small partitions, you have crippled the
    performance by using NTFS. I have produced *the same* symptoms on my
    laptop by converting the 30Gb disk from FAT 32 to NTFS. PartitionMagic
    won't convert it back (it should be able to) so it'll be a reinstall
    when time allows. On such small partitions as ours, the delay is
    **very** noticeable.

    I would not bother messing with anything else until you have got this
    issue sorted. Personally, I'd use NTFS on your 80Gb drive and no
    partitions. If you want your current partition setup go FAT 32.

    See for more general info that you may find helpful.



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