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Is an amd phenom ii x4 840 with 16 gig of memory a good setup

Hello, Is this a good setup....Phenom 840 with 16gig of memory...I was looking at the Phenom 980 but am very price aware right now and would rather perform at simple upgrade...Microcenter has the 840 on sale for 59.99 and right now I have a older 2.4 processor. The board is capable of the Phenom 980.
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    i wouldnt bother with the 840 the 955 and 960 are better value with very similar performance to the 980 in games and can be overclocked to give equal performance if you need it.
    theres about 25 percent difference between the 840 and the 980 but not much of a difference in price overall from an 840 to a 955 but a bit of a jump for a 980... so if you can source 1 i would say get a 955 or 960
    but at 60 bux the 840 is a decent buy if you have no other options.
  2. 16 gigs of memory is overkill 99% of the time. I'd just get 8 gigs and use the saving to put towards buying either a 955 or a 960 as mentioned above.
  3. +1 to the above...
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