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Computer reboot when playing games


when I play Battlefield 3 my computer reboots after 2-3 games. it just freeze and i have to reboot it manually

my rig:

GPU: 260 GTX
CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q8200
PSU: Corsair hx520
OS:Windows 7 64Bits

When I play LoL it never crash i never get such problems it does it with Trine too so i don't know from where it comes from do u think my GPU overheats it's the only thing i can think about

the only problem is that i cant monitor my GPU temps because my crapy motherboard doesn't allow it.

do u have another suggestion or a program that may give me the oportunity to monitor my temps?

I'm gonna take a look at your answers tomorow

thank you

PS: sorry for my bad english I usually talk in french =D
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  1. use gpu-z it will monitor the temps independent of the motherboard.
    core temp and real temp will monitor just about anything that can be measured.
  2. ok i just installed GPU-Z but i cant see where are the temps

    here is a screenshot of my sensor tab
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    that's weird, has there been any issues of 260 with no thermal diode?
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