suggestions please!

I have the following system, put neatly-ish in a £15 case...

P4 2.8GHz running at 3.3+GHz with Zalman AlCu flower cooler
2Gb DDR 400
4x WD 80Gb 7200rpm HDs
ASUS P4P800 Deluxe motherboard
ATI 9500 pro with Zalman cooler (C version)
Enermax 465W PSU
Audigy 2
TV card
Floppy, CD, Zip drive
Super Flower Fan Master <- This thing is amazing!

Basically I'd like to reduce noise a little more and reduce case temperatures too. Current average temps are 30-35 degrees C, processor a little lower. The noisiest thing at the moment are the hard disks, though because the graphics card runs around 45 degrees C the fan master has to speed up occasionally. Even turning it part-way up results in the same thing.

Currently the case is cooled by 2x80mm intake fans (bottom front), 2x80mm exhaust fans (top rear), the PSU has two temperature controlled fans (92mm above processor, 80mm exhaust), processor has a 120mm fan blowing onto it (and the northbridge) and the graphics card has a 92mm fan blowing from the top of the card towards the motherboard. All the cabling is neat, the PCI slots are open if not in use...

I don't care about lights or windows. Currently the computer sits on the floor under my desk, I have plenty of room on my desk but the hard disks are too noisy to tolerate it up here. Of course, if the volume decreases, I can move the case to allow more air to circulate around it, rather than it warming my feet...

So I'm looking for a case that will offer improved airflow and reduced hard disk noise. Or is it worth just sticking some sound deadening foam in the case I have and leaving the temperatures as they are?


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  1. when i read your post, my first thought was "4 7200rpm hard drives? good luck shutting the damn thing up". there do exist, however, cases that claim to reduce noise. look at this link, for starters:*/fi=products/sf=category/op=eq/se=Quiet Computer Cases.html?id=EYJ9o4jh

    you cant go wrong with the antec or the lian li cases.
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