Video Editing capture cards.

1stly, I’m not sure if this is the right area as this board/subject is some new to me.

I want to get into video editing (only home movies – but good quality) I had Pinnacles before (DC10plus). Now I have a new computer and the old software does not run on XP. I am looking at Premiere Pro 1.5 at the moment. Any comments on this??

Also, am I right in thinking this program only captures DV via firewire, or is this something to do with my capture card. I have a Hauppage WinTV PVR PCI II card in the new computer. Does this convert analogue to DV??

Or am I better of installing a card like the Matrox RT.10 card. As I understand it, this card has analogue connectors and the card converts to DV or do I need to run my videotapes through a converter 1st. (my camcorder is only analogue)

I hope these questions make sense..
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  1. yeah, premier will only capture from firewire. you would need to use third party software and an analog breakout box to capture anything else. i use piccacle studio deluxe V10 for my analog capture but never use it to edit because it is unstable for projects over 40 mins (in my experience).

    your tv card probably doesn't convert analog to digital, it's most likely just an FM demodulator, although if you input from the FM output on a video player to the TV card and the TV software allows you to capture the incoming video footage to a full res avi/mpeg2 file then it might do the trick although there will be some loss in quality over the fm tranmission and conversion.

    your most convenient option is to just get a digital camcorder. primarily because it'll be better quality than anolog anyway, but also because you can connect it straight to the pc and also (and most advantagous) it doesn't have to use scene analysis as a method of scene detection because most DV cams can put a timestamp on the tape (not visible in the display) which tells the software whenever a scene starts and finishes. makes editing much easier.

    know your limits, and never stop trying to exceed them!
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