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I have been playing LOTR war in the north for some time now, it's kind of an amusing game. However I have a problem with my CPU-usage. Even in the start-menu this is over 90% load on all 4 cores. This is insane since graphics aren't that good and even a cpu-intensive game like skyrim doesn't take this much.
Does anyone know how i can fix this?

HD 6970 Crossfire

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  1. I cannot comment on why this is happening since I don't have the game, but regardless is 4 cores at 90% causing problems for you? is CPU heating up too much?

    what is your GPU utilization during this time?
  2. I find it strange this is happening, and the less heat the better :). And i think it is the cause of a slight stutter sometimes, this can be quite annoying. GPU-usage is 30% each card (MSI-afterburner).
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