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I tryed every which way to find a list of games that are Multi-threaded but yet it seem that there isn't one out there. I understand that alot of game are made to do so nowadays but I would still really like if everyone could contribute to this.

List the game AND how many cores it is able to use. Also say if the game is more or less CPU dependent this way if someone is building a new computer around a specific game they will know where to spend their hard earned money.

I would start the list but I just recently got back in to gaming after 3-4 years of family and Financial problems. and Yes everything is ok. Reading your guy's (and Gals) posts helped in a weird distracting kinda way, so thank you.

List away!

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  1. umm well lets see, afaik:

    skyrim - single or dual core only
    BF3 - dual core and up
  2. Hello I was looking for the same thing and I could find this:

    it shows only dual vs quad core but it's something.

  3. Half Life 2 series - Multiple core support (upto 4 cores)
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