Connecting HD PVR & ASUS Monitor to Xbox 360 (slim version)

I'm trying to connect my HD PVR (Model 1212) and new my monitor's HDMI cable into my new XBox 360 (new Slim version). Unfortunately the plug from the HD PVR covers up a portion of the HDMI port in the back of my new XBox 360.

Any ideas on how to overcome this problem?

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  1. what are you using to connect the PVR with?
    well the solutions would be to shave the connector or use a different port.
  2. I found out that I need an HDMI splitter. One HDMI cable would go from the splitter to the XBox 360. The other HDMI cable would go from the splitter to a converter with an HDMI port on one side and component cable ports on the other side. The component cables from the converter go to the PVR. Then...everything works!
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