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Well I play Swtor and WoW and I need a better graphics card. im lookign to spend a hundred bucks and i know i can get a better card then this piece of crap lol Im linking my exact comp right now
That is my exact desktop PC. I was told i need a new power supply and card. Can someone help me out please!!!
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    Full Specs @

    As you will see, you have a x16 PCI-E slot free, so an upgrade is ok.

    The limiting factors is how much free space there is for the card as some are fairly long and the other would be your PSU output of 250watts.

    According to HP, it will support without any PSU swapout, an ATI 5450 or nVidia GT220 or GT320 with the nVidia cards having better performance.

    For my money, I would go for the nVidia GT240 as it doesn't need a secondary power source and is faster than any of the above for only a couple of ££ more.
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