League of Legends - 9 FPS?

Hi...formatted recently, running:

Core 2 DUO (E6600) 2.4 GHZ
XP 32-Bit
Corsair 650W PSU
ABIT IL9 Pro MoBo (crappy, i know...)

Graphics drivers are up-to-date. I only seem to recognize FPS drops when I alt tab too much. My little cousin's crappy laptop caps out at 60 FPS at all times and I can barely reach 50. Help!
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  1. Bumped...still having this problem =(
  2. Im a league of legends player too! I hope you get this fixed, i know how hard it is to play with LOW FPS, i just ordered the parts to build my new computer, and i'm hoping for 60 FPS while streaming.

    League of Legends FTW! Add me if u want "Luckster". :)
  3. My bets are on the obvious dual core @ low clock speed, or the win 32bit only recognizing 3gb of ram and possibly too much in the background while you're gaming (and alt tabbing). Sincerely doubt the graphics card is the issue here.
  4. I play AION, too -- it's very intensive on all aspects of my PC and it runs perfectly fine. League of Legends shouldn't be lagging. I'll have a game where my FPS will be perfect, between 60-90 (situational), and other games where it will be between 16-25...
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