To play SWTOR or not to play SWTOR?

Hey guys, how's it going?

I've been thinking alot lately over whether or not i should buy Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I have NEVER i repeat NEVER played an MMO; i am not at all against them or anything, i either just haven't had the time or have had too many other games to play. however, i do intend to enjoy solitary play; most of the time when i play multiplayer in COD or BF it's with people i don't know who i don't talk to or anything. i also have no one else to play SWTOR with.

HOWEVER, i really enjoy all of bioware's stuff, including dragon age and the mass effect games. i've watched a few let's play vids on this game and feel as if i could really enjoy this more as a single-player game than not. after watching a vid, i really want to play it.

but, the thing is i don't know if it's worth the money. since many other MMO's have gone free-to-play (WOW and LoL) i thought it might be better to wait until this was free-to-play, if it ever is.

also, i have a lot of other games to play: skyrim, minecraft, batman arkham city, RAGE, rayman origins... however since i'm off school until the 9th of january i think i could fit this in. i make youtube videos and think since its a new game it would also help expand my audience.

still...that monthly fee... but the gameplay looks very alluring...

what do you guys think? i know i shouldn't let other people make decisions for me but i'm so torn i would appreciate other people's opinions.

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  1. At 1st I was really interested in SWTOR until I found out it was a MMO game. I prefer to play alone and go about playing a game at my own pace. From what I've read SWTOR does have a single player storyline where you don't have to team up with others, but that means there are probably some content that I will not be able to explore w/o joining up with other people. I could be wrong on that point though.

    The thing I don't like the most is that even though the game can be played in single player mode, I need to pay a monthly fee of $15 to log into the server to play a single player game. That's $60 and $15 per month; for one year that works out to $240 (excluding the 1 month free with the game) to play a single player game. Yeah, yeah, I can buy two 6 month subscriptions for $156, but that still means I am dishing out $216 for the 1st year.

    I'd rather buy the an "offline" version of SWTOR game for $60 and then purchase DLCs for $20 a pop. That way I can play with myself... *ahem*... I mean play by myself without having to dish out a massive amount of $$$ whether I decide to play the game or not.
  2. If and when there are private servers that do not charge monthly fees (similar to WoW private servers), I may loose all interest in playing the game.
  3. you know I've only played an old MMO myself and after that tried a few skimpy ones for a few months each and didn't like them. Point of the story is, MMOs are really great for the Multiplayer part. You get to meet new people, have fun along side with them, etc etc. Point is, when I played an MMO, I've made some "friends" who I ended up playing other games with online just because they invited me to try. I've also picked up music and interests from socializing with people in the MMO. I've long quit the MMO in question and looking back I realize that it was a huge drain on my free time, but it was a pleasurable experience not for the MMO itself but for the sense of community and meeting other people.

    Based on that I feel that while this new game might feature great "single player" content it is still an MMO after all. I don't know what other people have experienced or what the trends in latest MMOs have been, but from my experience. You could do like "main story" quests solo. But there were also very cool side quests which you absolutely NEEDED other people to complete.

    I can understand that some people are not interested in PvP type of content and that's fine, the games have plenty of PvM content, but some of it is much more enjoyable when you have somebody tag along to help.

    So, long story short, IMO, you shouldn't look to an MMO for single player experience. I'm not saying it's not there or is that it's bad, all I'm saying is that you will probably be missing out much better parts of the game that involve other players.
  4. i think you're both right. since my birthday is coming up, i'll see if i can get my parents to get it for me and i'll try that one month free. if not, it wasn't my money and i got to try it. if i don't get it at all, i think i'll check it out down the road for the social reasons antizig mentioned and also because it does look fun. but minecraft, skyrim, RAGE and arkham city beckon me...
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