Do japanese games work in australian consoles

do japanese games work in australian ds consoles??
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  1. ds as in nintendo ds?

    I'm hard pressed to say yes, since it's a memory stick type media and I don't believe a region setting would apply. However, depending on the firmware your ds might have trouble reading/showing the fonts properly.
  2. Games aren't made country wise only the language will be problem if you are buying a Japanese game as far as they dont have the option for english language.
  3. the original DS is not region locked- can play any game

    the DSi however, has a region lock for the DSiWare downloadable games, as well as DSi-specific cartridges. But it can still run any DS game from any region

    the 3DS is locked for DSiWare, and Nintendo DSi-enhanced software between Japan, America and Europe/Australia

    so in simple words, it is region locked if its a DSi/3DS only game
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