poor mans PSU?

suggestions for a PSU less then $50? Im thinking 350w will do. I see newegg has an Allied ATX350P4 for $21, says good for up to 2100+, does that number really mean anything? Ive got a athlon 2100@2700, and theres probably 10 other ones in the under $50 range

oh and someone on ebay is selling Enermax EG365P-VE's for $39 with shipping its less then $50
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  1. fortron, newegg has them.

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  2. Fortron 350 watt. New Egg about $42.
  3. For under $50, the Fortron Source 350W unit for $41 is your best buy. That includes shipping from Newegg. Also, that power supply provides more power than an Antec True Power 380W or an Enermax 365.

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