How many watts in the PSU do i need

Dear Sirs

I am looking for a power supply unit. i cant fugure out how much i need, i also want the most quiet one & efficient one, below is the typical system configuration i am going to use;

P4 3.2 HT CPU
Asus P4C800 Deluxe MB
2 Sata Raptor WD HD drives 10 RPM
1 or 2 WD 7200 Rpm ide drives (maybe not necessary )
ATI 9800 XT DDR 256
1 GB corsair low latency DDR rams in 2X 512
Sony DVD recorder multi format
Yamaha CDRw
Imation LS 240 IDE floppy
normal floppy (not necessary)
Internal USB media card reader on MB USB channel
Iomega peerless on seperate PCI firewire card
Soundblaster Audigy 2 PCI with 5.5 drive
modem 56K pci card
about 4 fans maybe 5 or 6 (maybe not necessary just 4)
fan controller in 5.5 bay (maybe not necessary)
a few USB devices like printers, etc, etc
Additional allowance for over clocking & maybe some new devices etc, can you please suggest how much wattage in the PSU i need so i can purchase the correct one.

Thanks & hope to hear from you soon

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  1. I would recommend aleast a name brand 400 Watt PSU for the system.
  2. sirs? thats awfully formal! yea, 400 watts for that system, 350 would probly do fine but youve already got a lot invested in that rig, just go for the 400 cs game server -
    now featuring (optional) cheating death!
  3. 350W would do, but since so many 350W power supplies are more like...250W, I'll have to recommend really need a good quality power supply. I doubt a PowMax 500W would live very long with that system, for example.

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