Xbox Usb Formatting Problem

Okay, so I transferred all my data from my Xbox 360 to a 16 GB flashdrive. I tried to transfer all the data onto another xbox but when i stuck the usb in the xbox it said that the flash drive needed to be formatted which would erase all my data. The usb does not work on either xbox and i cant retrieve any of the files. I have created a USB Image on my computer using the tool from

if there is anyway i can get the files off the usb and working again on any xbox things would be greatly appreiciated.
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  1. you should try downloading a program called xplorer360 and then try extracting your saves to your computer then reformat in the xbox your trying to transfer the saves. then plug it back into your computer and then try transfering the saves back to usb.......may or may not work i hope this helps
  2. ^ on top of that, you may need a rehasher tool (google)
  3. or if you want an all-in-one tool get modio. I have used it several times and you can find fun modded game downloads on there to try ( just don't do them on xbox live )
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