Xaser III case any good?

Anyone here using a Xaser III case? If so what do you think of it? I read the THG review of it, which pulled me away from the Antec 1080AMG I was planning on getting, but I'd like to hear from some owners first.

Gary Hendricks
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  1. Xaser III and 1080AMG both use the Chieftec Dragon chassis, which is available in both aluminum and steel. You could save some money by buying the Dragon.

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  2. It is a good case but it is way overpriced. Just get a cheiftech, dragon or x-spider, case. Thus you can do your own specialty mods too.

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  3. I like the case. I have removed some of the internal screw free fittings though - like the one for the pci slots. Completely useless and doesnt work properly. Apart from that minor niggle i like it. The case is sturdy enough. Was a little on the expensive side but when i spent a fortune on my pc i wanted the wow effect for my mates who know nothing about pc's!!

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