Can I play Skyrim on my computer at high to ultra settings with these specs?

Will I be able to play Skyrim at high to ultra settings with these specs?
CPU: AMD Athlon ii X4 Processor
GPU: GeForce GTX460 1GB GDDR5
Motherboard: MSI 870A-G54
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB DDR3
Hard drive: Maxtor 320GB
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  1. not at 1920x1080 or bigger with 60+fps.
  2. Not even if I OC the CPU and GPU a bit?
  3. Not at 1080 with 60+fps steady.
  4. How much FPS would I be getting then? And the monitor I have is an Acer 21.5'' LCD - I don't know if that matters at all :P
  5. Size =/= resolution. To hold 60fps at every location in the game at 1080 is pretty much gonna run you an i5-2500k overclocked to 4ghz+, a gtx 570 or severely overclocked 560ti, and some modding with SKSE and tess acceleration plugin.
  6. So what can I expect to be running at then? Just a ballpark approximation would be nice :)
  7. at 1080? 40-60, occasional drops into the high 30's in some cities b/c of horrible cpu optimization on bethesda's part.

    At 1680x1050, not sure. Game has some cpu-bound features like shadows, but would imagine slightly better with your lowest frames dipping to 45ish? Certainly playable but it won't be "pristine" or anything.
  8. Thank you very much :) I'm putting together about $1000 gaming computer when I get back to school with my friend so I just wanted to know what to expect
  9. Are you building a completely new rig, or is the setup in the OP what you're intending to build? B/c for 1000 dollars you can get far stronger components than the cpu and gpu you have selected there.
  10. Yeah it's a completely new rig, it's just that I already bought the parts and when I went to Fry's Electronics, they were out of a few of the parts that I had wanted but this is my first one so I'm just hoping it'll work haha. Like, I had to get a monitor, keyboard, mouse, case, etc.
  11. nice job :)
  12. it still looks really pretty at low and medium though.
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