Sims 3 Installation Error

I just bought the Sims 3. When I try installing it, it will get to a certain spot and say Data Error (Cycle Reduancy Error) 0X17
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  1. The DVD might be bad.

    Try to copy the contents of the DVD onto the hard drive and install without the DVD.

    With the DVD in the drive.
    First create a new folder to copy the files to.

    Open My Computer
    Open your C: drive
    Create a new folder (name it something like Sims 3 Install)

    Open My Computer.
    Right-Click on the drive with the Sims 3 DVD in it and select Explore.
    Hit Ctrl-A to select all files contained in the DVD.
    Hit Ctrl-C to copy the files.
    Now go to the new folder you made and hit Ctrl-V to paste the files into the folder.

    After it is done transferring look for a file like setup.exe in the new folder.
    If you're on vista or windows 7 right-click on the file and select Run as Administrator.
    If you're on XP just double click.

    Hopefully this works.
  2. Cyclic Reduancy Error usually means its not reading the disc

    if so you probably wont be able to copy the files either

    check the disc for scratches or fingerprints
  3. Well it's a bad copy. No fix for that
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