Why are so some games choppy, and will these improve my gaming?

System Specs:
core 2 duo e6550 @ 2.33 GHz (OC to 2.6 Ghz)
ASus 6970
P5GC-MX/1333 motherboard
4 GB Ram
Seagate 300 GB HDD
Antec Truepower 550w

So I've been playing Saints row 3 and Dead Rising 2, and these games lag on the highest settings 1920 x 1080.

I have 32 Bit Windows XP and the system is about 4 years old (6970 + PSU brand new)

I know it should be running smoothly considering i'm playing in Directx 9 and on a 6970, but I get an average 25 fps on both games, with the occasional lag spike to load up areas and stuff (I think)

Next week I am planning to get:
NZXT Phantom FULL TOWER white
Samsung spinpoint 1TB 7200 rpm

Upgrading to windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

Can someone please tell me if purchasing these parts will improve my fps at all?
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  1. I'd say no, the cpu is bottlenecking the GPU a lot.
  2. Definitely replace the CPU instead of those components you listed. It will take you miles further toward smooth gaming. For the price of all those components there you could go to an i5-2500k and then some leftover.
  3. You're pushing your processor to the limit. It's bottlenecking on your gpu. And yes an Corei5 2500k is the perfect choice for an upgrade
  4. Beter for you too use Upgrading to windows 7 ultimate 32 bit work easier for windows and games I was tested if you want Upgrading windows 7 ultimate 32 :D
  5. win 7 32bit won't even recognize his full 4gb of ram lol. What are you even talking about man?
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