The Sims 3 runs super slow don't know why D:

Okay so I got this epic new video card for Christmas the radeon hd 6570. I have trouble with it because I only have a 400W psu I am hoping to upgrade to a 500W in a few days. Anyway I was expecting better fps and higher settings on the sims 3. Yes I did get higher settings but I still have the awful terrible 15-30 fps ._. Would upgrading my psu give me more fps since it will give more power to the card? Please help Sims 3 has been frustrating me and I really like the sims 3 as well its just doing this to me, and I don't play sims 2 unless its for movie making sims 2 runs fine.
here are my computer specs.
M61PME-S2P gigabyte
2.7 GHZ Processor
Radeon HD 6570
400W PSU
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  1. What type of processor is it? And upgrading the power supply won't supply more power, it'll give you more headroom so you can overclock the processor (but don't OC it too far or it will fry the PSU) and possibly the GPU.
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