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OK, I already know this will sound dumb, but I have a question about case fan size. I plan to put two case fans in but am not sure of how to measure for size. Must I measure from screw hole to screw hole or is the actual fan size not equal to this measurement. Thanks for any help, and yes feel free to make fun of my ignorance.
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  1. most all case fans come in standard sizes
    the most common is 80mm
    some use larger 92mm or 120mm , but not that common
    if you measure and it close to 80mm it is 80mm
  2. If you're planning to actually cut a hole, you should get the fan first and use that. If you're just looking to buy fans for an exiting case, probably better to look it up and see what size it takes.
  3. It's the size of the fan frame, from flat side to flat side. A 60mm fan for example is 60mm by 60mm.

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