Crysis Poor Performance

Hello there,

To get to the point, when I play Crysis there is major mouse delay with vsync turned on, a little better but not much when its off.

Vsync on or off, the game still runs like its being played on windows98 - lag/low fps...
sometimes the game will studder as if it is freezing...

Also when I put the game in windowed mode, it has a significant raise in fps from fullscreen. Still though, its not high fps..

Someone please help... :(

I am running:
Windows 7 64 bit
i7 950 @3.2 ghz
gtx570's sli
6gb ram

And I'm using a Toshiba LCD around 40 inches, 60 Hz
^^ I have a feeling that might be the problem

One more side note...

I just recently bought the other gtx570 for sli, and after hooking up I played bf3, and there's this weird studdering kind of often when playing, even though the fps are high... I'm 99.99% I hooked everything up right, and enabled sli.

I have no clue what the problem is
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  1. I think it's a SLI issue. Have you tried playing BF3 and Crysis on a single card?
  2. Yeah, its like the exact same performance with one as it is with two
  3. Do you still get the problem if you set your cpu to stock speed?

    I had a similar issue which was solved by lowering my ram speed. Sli can be tricky to get working in my experience, try downloading a gpu monitoring tool (i use evga precision) to check both cards are getting balanced usage.

    I had bad tearing problems playing Just Cause 2 with Sli, set Nvidia control panel to single display performance mode, it fixed the problem.

    Hope that helps
  4. Yeah its at stock speed. Ill probably just keep trying different things until something works
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