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My computer "stutters"/have repetitive, temporarily freezes when playing certain games. So far I've only experienced stuttering in "Driver: San Francisco"(steam powered) and "Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne" (this is NOT WoW). I've run games such as Battlefield 3, Elder scrolls 5: Skyrim, Counter Strike: Source, without any stuttering (some small hangups in Skyrim though).

Since it's only some games, I do not believe it's a issue related to low specs. Especially since I've tried to run the games with the lowest possible graphics (all settings on lowest, and lowest resolution). I have a gaming computer, and my specs is supposed to be enough for these games.

A more detailed description of the stuttering: I start the game. It runs smooth for about 1 sec. Then it hangs for about 3 secs. Then it runs smooth again for about 1 sec. Then hangs again for about 3 secs. And so on.

The time intervals of running smoothly and hanging seems to be exactly the same everytime. When I say it runs smooth, I mean perfect. No delay, every button does what it's supposed to do, and so on. When it hangs, the graphics freezes completely. But the sound goes on fine.

I've played in both singleplayer and multiplayer. No difference, thus it's not an internet connection issue.

I also watch alot of videos, and they run completely fine as well. No stuttering in either sound nor graphics. There are no other functions that runs particularly slow on the rest of the computer either.

This is what I've tried so far to fix this.
- I've disabled all sound devices in device manager, under sound devices. Then rebooted.
- I've defragged my hard drive. Both partitions (C and M).
- I've reinstalled both games.
- I've updated drivers to just about everything on my computer (including graphic card).

The computer is an ASUS G73Jw - A gaming-laptop.
I run windows 7 home premium - Service Pack 1 - 64bit.
Installed memory - 6,00 GB.
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU - 1.73GHz.
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  1. Given that you mentioned some hangs in Skyrim although not as bad, could it be related to the low clockspeed on your CPU? The games you listed aside from skyrim that had no problems for you, are games that are almost entirely GPU bound.

    Maybe try OC'ing the cpu?
  2. Thnx for fast reply.

    What is and how do I OC the cpu?
  3. For more in-depth talk about that, the best thing you can do is type in "overclocking -your cpu model-" in google and check input from forums like Toms, Guru3d, and such.

    There is no guarantees this will fix your issue btw, it is just an idea.
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