Seeking Case Mod Ideas...

I'm curious to see if anyone has any nice links to cool modded cases to provide me with inspiration for my first case mod project. To get the ball rolling here are two of my favourite modding projects:

<A HREF="" target="_new">UV Green Watercooled Plexi Case</A>

The fantastic <A HREF="" target="_new">Orac</A> project by G-gnome at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

Neither are particularly new posts, but still great modded case projects for those who haven't seen them.

<A HREF="" target="_new">My Rigs</A>
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  1. put a window on top of a hard drive. dont see that one done too often. or put a window on top of your case and put the hard drive there with the window on top. but instead of two pieces of plexiglass, just use one. im gonna do that one someday with an old scsi hard drive and put my page file on it. cs game server -
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  2. I saw a few links for a project like that, but the guy who was doing it had the hard drives from both attempts die within a few hours... still, it is a very cool mod....

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  3. I don't think you can succesfully achieve this kind of mod. The hard drive are sealed under vaccum (not total vaccum but close to it) to reduce friction. So unless you have a way to that your hard drive is going to die. Also any microscopic dirt which gets on the hard drive will make it crash.

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  4. It's not hard to pull a vaccuum again, lots of knivemakers are setup for that(we use it for a variety of things). Make up a scratch vacuum chamber at home, and have a rubber gasket between the plexiglass and the rest of the hard drive case. Pull the vacuum, let it sit for 24 hours, repeat(to help make sure you've pulled all the air out). Do this for a few days to make sure. If you did it right, when you let air in again the vacuum in the hard drive should pull the plexiglass down against the gasket and hold the air out, then just rescrew it down, or attach however you plan on attaching it. And no, I don't suggest actually doing this, but then, personally, I like my hard drives just the way they are. Quiet and working. :)
  5. ive done it. hard drives are not de-pressurised, there is actually a breather hole that has a filter on it. concrete powder is small enough to get in a working hard drive too. granted, the drive was a 1.2 gig scsi and i havent used it for very long. but when i did it i ran it for a couple days and scan disked it several times. maybe later ill take pictures. cs game server -
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  6. You say it is a 1.2 gig, so I assume that it's a pretty hold drive (relatively speaking). What RPM does it spin. Also the data density is important since the denser the data is the closer the reading head must be to the surface.

    I'm pretty sure that newer hard driver are de-pressurized because the air will create too much pressure on the reading arm of the HD which will make it brake on the long run. However, the touchy part is: not enough air won't allow the reading arm to float over the HD surface and will result in a head crash: not good.

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  7. yea, its a pretty old drive. 1.2 gig scsi 5400 rpm.
    i dont see how they could be presurised, unless the motor spinning does it. all hard drives have a breather hole, you can see it cause it has a warning not to cover it. cs game server -
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  8. Never noticed, I will look more carefully next time I see one.

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  9. both of my wd800jb's have breather holes on top...

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