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I'm running GTA IV (legit paid download from Rockstar's site for $19.99). It won't let me increase any of the display settings above the minimum (worst) settings. Very frustrating as I'm running this game on a brand new ASUS Laptop with:

Intel i7
Nvidia GEFORCE 3GB 560M

Any ideas on how to improve the display settings or get them to unlock? Also I notice even at the minimum display setting the image is kind of jerks sometimes....

Thanks for your help!
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  1. The game probably thinks that the intel integrated graphics is your primary display adapter, that's why you can't get higher settings. Check your power profiles, make sure that you are in a power consumption mode that sets the GTX 560m as the primary display adapter and not the HD 3000 IGP. If there is a setup utility for the game, make sure that it uses the GTX 560m as the primary display adapter. Some gaming laptops may also have a switch to toggle between the integrated and discrete graphics, make sure it is using discrete graphics when you are gaming.
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