Surge Protector Really Needed?

Do I need to invest in one of the nicer power cords that cost $50-$100? Or can I just use the cheap one with the circuit breaker I've been using for some time now? My computer is in Bangkok where the electrical standards may not be so high.
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  1. Most surge protectors have the same variable resistor thats found in your power supply. So they don't really do anything for you. If you want to truely protect you PC and other components you should go with a UPS. And a UPS that is "allways" on and doens't switch on at power loss. The most damageing thing to electronics is brown outs, small decreases in voltage that are unnoticable to you but stress electronics.

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  2. those are expensive. a regular surge protector will be fine. if you have problems with the power you might have to consider a better option cs game server -
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  3. I have briefly 'worked with" the blokes who invented the surge protector, as well some patented designs intended to overcome the shortfalls of current surge protectors. (I'm on the accounting side, not an inventor/engineer)

    The problem with the surge protectors is that they can only "work" once. They have been unable to develope an LED or other means to show when the surge protector is "burnt-out".

    From the pure business side, the surge protector is considered relatively useless. It is the bundling of the insurance that one is really paying for (of course, in addition to the marketing etc.)

    To summarize: Surge protectors are practically useless, unless you want the insurance. If you wish to actually have some hope of protecting your system (and data etc.) get a back ups unit.

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