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I currently have an older 32" Samsung LCD TV (1376x768, 60Hz native) that I've been using for some time as the monitor on my PC (connected to GeForce GTX260 via VGA cable into the PC port on the TV). I have been considering an upgrade to something that is 120Hz, particularly in the interest of improving my gaming performance. I notice that the refresh rate seems to lag considerably on this TV. I would like to stay around 32" and generally I sit about 6-8" from the screen.

Anyone have any suggestions? As is generally the case, cost is a factor, though not a limiting one.

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  1. Are you going to be using it as a TV also ?? -- Reason being when you purchase a TV you are paying for the Tuner etc. which adds to the cost of the set and you are purchasing something designed to display tv programs which are designed to be displayed at a distance not up close so the pixel size is larger and when used as a monitor is going to be fairly blurry up close (for example PC programmers design screens to be displayed at 96 DPI (Dots per inch) so to display 1376x768 resolution the screen size ideally would be 1376\96 = 14" x 768\96 = 8 " or 14^2 + 8^2 = 16^2 so a 16" diagonal screen size so your 32" TV is displaying everything twice the size as it was designed for so it's like taking an image and upsizing it to twice the size which results in a fairly fuzzy looking result esp. if sitting only 6-8 inches from the screen and you'd probably see the dots in the image.

    If just using it for a monitor for the $ you'd be better off getting say a 23" or 24" 1920x1080 display (since 1920x1080 is 1080p resolution so video playback looks good and text etc. would be displayed in the DPI that they were designed for (approx 20" x 11" or 22.8" diagonal (most 23" displays are actually 22.5" viewable so 96 DPI @1920x1080 resolution) IF you get much larger the monitor image starts to look pixelated and fuzzy and much smaller while the image becomes clearer and less pixelated text etc. starts to get tiny and hard to read. So the ideal screen size for a 1920x1080 resolution would be around 23" diagonal. Perhaps something like this ASUS 23" 120Hz. monitor for exaple @ $290 after MIR
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