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Enermax PSU ok?

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April 9, 2004 5:36:10 PM


I need to buy a new PSU and everyone seems to have a different opinion of who makes a quality PSU. Enermax seems to be on most of the lists as a "good" manufacturer and I think I have found the PSU that is good for the money. I am looking at the <A HREF="" target="_new">ENERMAX EG465P-VE(FC) 460W</A>

The system this PSU will be going into is:
<A HREF="" target="_new">ABIT NF7-S Mobo</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Athlon XP-M 2500+</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Thermaltake SILENT BOOST Heatsink</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Seagate 160GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive</A>
IBM Deathstar 40GB Hard Drive (extra storage)
<A HREF="" target="_new">Corsair XMS Extreme Memory Speed Series, 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-2700 with Platinum Silver Heat Spreader</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON 9800PRO Video Card, 128MB DDR</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Lite-On Black 52X32X52X16 Combo Drive, Model SOHC-5232K</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Lite-On Black 8X DVD+/-RW Drive, Model SOHW-812S</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">ANTEC Performance Plus Metallic Gray SOHO File Server Case Model "PlusView1000AMG"</A>
Will also be adding a few lights and such in the near future.

Please let me know what you think of the PSU with this system. Also welcomed are comments on other components if you think any of them should be changed.



P.S. This is my other choice for a PSU <A HREF="" target="_new">Thermaltake W0010 Silent Purepower 480W with Black housing - Xaser Edition ATX 2-Fan Power Supply </A>

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April 9, 2004 8:04:05 PM

that power supply will do great. cs game server -
now featuring (optional) cheating death!
April 9, 2004 9:20:07 PM

Enermax makes great PSU. I have two Enermax PSUs and they have been great for me. April issue of Computer Power User magazine's cover story is the review of three $5,000+ PC from Falcon Northwest, Maingear and Voodoo PC and all 3 manufacturer use Enermax PSU for their show-horses.
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April 12, 2004 10:40:35 PM

I suggest you take alook at the Noise Taker Enermax ones also. I recently replace my 350Watt Enermax one with a 420watt Noise Taker they are great.

The new PSU's are coming with 2 SATA power connectors. If you have SATA hard drives. If not stick to an older model enermax, it will have more molex connectors.
April 13, 2004 1:53:00 AM

Can I use a SATA drive with an older PSU (is there an adapter for the power connection)?

April 13, 2004 8:36:17 AM

There is adapter availible for using sata drive with older PSU.
May 2, 2004 3:13:40 AM

For info sake,Boeing uses Vantec in all their Data Center
servers and even after 150,000 hours (when they are auto replaced) they have thousands of hours left and are given to employees. Check the spec's,the 420a is a OC'r's choice with such accurate voltage numbers and I do not work for Vantec. ;=)
May 4, 2004 6:39:34 AM

Hmmm..then why do the spec's show it so solid,where are your numbers and test data? Vantec certainly meets or exceeds all the code approvals plus it's 140,000 MTBF
beats everything out there.
Type: EPS12V
Maximum Power: 420W
PFC: Active
Power Good Signal: 100-500ms
Hold-up Time: 16.6ms min.
Efficiency: 68% minimum at 115VAC, 420W output
Over Voltage Protection: +5V 5.8-6.3V;+3.3V 3.6-4.2V;+12V 14-17V
Overload Protection: Not specified
Input Voltage: 95VAC ~ 132VAC or 190VAC ~ 264VAC, Select Switch
Input Frequency Range: 47~63Hz
Input Current: 10/6A
Output: +3.3V@26A,+5V@42A,-5V@0.8A,+12V@18A,-12V@1A,+5VSB@2.5A
MTBF: 140,000 hours
Approvals: UL 1950, CSA C22.2 Level 3, ICE, TUV, CE, FCC

Model#: VAN-420A
May 5, 2004 7:37:06 PM

Then you need to run something bigger than a 400w range power supply, as every name brand Iv'e looked at, that I'd actually be willing to use in a system I built, runs between 15 and 20 amps on the +12V. Crap no name brands like Powmax go higher, but I sure wouldn't trust my system to one.

Don't claim that Vantec is a quality PSU, never used one, but complaining that the +12 is only 18A on a power supply that size is rather foolish in my opinion.
May 5, 2004 7:48:14 PM

I take that back,on ebarnd, one model, PCP&C Silencer 410, runs at 23A on the +12.
May 5, 2004 10:21:38 PM

Umm... complaining foolish... Enermax 460, has 33A on the 12V rail. So, the poster had the best pick, and then mystro started to give bad opinions, and now you saying 18Amps isn't worth complaining?! 18Amps, f*ck, it won't boot my freaggin PC. My freaggin fans alone attached to my fan speed control drains 8Amps. For Crying out loud the Enermax 350watt has 26A on the +12 Rail!!

<A HREF="" target="_new">My PC</A>
May 5, 2004 10:38:10 PM

Hey Guess what, 460w isn't the 400w range in my book, next step up. 400w is 400-420w, and lookie there, Enermax 420, 15A. And others as I said, are in 15-20A range. I haven't seen a name braned 400w range PSU that won't boot any reasonable system yet. Try working with professional lighting systems running 500-7500 or more watts through a single fixture and you'll learn quickly how important sufficient power is. I do know a bit about what I'm talking about. Enermax 420w noisetaker cooking along cool and silent right now in my system. 500+(probalby over a thousand actually) system builds, never had a problem that was PSU related(with exception of customers that didn't pay attention to suggestions on UPSs and proper line conditioning, so theose aren't truly PSU problems).

Just because kiddies think they're cool to run 7 fans and 8 cathode tubes and hence need a massive power supply doesn't mean that they are intelligent or know anything about computers.
May 5, 2004 11:01:21 PM

Feel free to point out where the Vantec doesn't match upwith other power supplies in it's class:

Sparkle(Fortron) FSP400 +12V-15A
Fortron FSP 400 +12V-15A
Fortron FSP 400 120mm +12V-18A
Zalman ZM400B +12V-18A

Thermaltake W0031 +12V-18A

Thermaltake TT-420AD +12V-18A
Enermax Noisetaker 420w +12V-15A

Sure, it's 12V doesn't comapre to a bigger power supply, but there are bigger Vantecs too. Vantec 470W has 28A on the +12V rail. Don't write off Vantec because it doesn't meet your power requirements, because that's generally true of that whole class of power supplies, not a fault unique to Vantec.

Course, whether or not Vantec is any good in it's own right I won't say, no matter what caompnies might use it. WIthout trying it myself, won't speak for it's quality, and I already have enough brands that have proven themselves over the years in my uses that I don't feel the need to try a new one.