Want to upgrade my comp, but I'm comp stupid! Help, anyone?

Well, here goes.
I want to upgrade my video card for my sims 3 game (it ran ok until Pets, now it runs a bit slower and graphics are too great..) I want it to run beautifully, but have read that not only will I need more RAM and a new video card, I may also need a processor and/or new power supply. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing. I've found video cards I'd like, but no idea if they'd work.
I found a site that scanned my system for RAM that will work..why can't a site do this for all hardware?! :whistle:
My tech guy told me "Buy what you need and I'll put it all in for ya." Ok! But..this is not as easy as expected!

Anyway, I have copy/pasted the parts of my DxDiag report that I understand. Any and all help would be wonderful!

Windows XP Professional
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 1022MB RAM
Chip type: RADEON X600 PRO (0x5B62)

I have no idea where to find what my power supply wattage is. If there is any other info need from this long report thing, let me know.
Thank you everyone. :hello:
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  1. RAM
    And graphic card.
  2. I'll need RAM and new graphic card (If you are asking for that info, I posted it above.)? I figured that much. But what video cards will work? I assume stick with Radeon since I already have that? Will any Radeon work?
  3. Hi comp_tarded, time for a new pc really I'm afraid. For modern games you need a better processor, graphics card and more memory. But to do this you'll also need a new motherboard, operating system and power supply. So a new pc basically. The good news is that you'll get an awesome upgrade for relatively little money.

    If you want to build your own there are loads of resources on this website to help you choose components to a budget, and help you put it together. If you want to buy a new system, then that makes life simpler. Just go for a mid-range quad core CPU from intel or amd, pair it with a mid range graphics card from amd or nvidia, and 4gb ram and you'll have a system that'll take anything you throw at it for some time to come.
  4. Well, its to be expected I guess. Sigh. I've actually never bought a comp, just had 'em built from scratch by friends. I thought this would be a simple upgrade but I guess not. Thank you all soo much.
  5. you could do a simple upgrade
    its not impossible.
  6. I wish I just knew. I really really want to try the simply upgrade with RAM and graph card but I don't want to waste the money if it doesn't work. I guess I'll sit down with my friend and see what he says..
  7. if you give me the model number of the mobo, ill send you some ram and gfx cards that are compatible.
  8. Yeah man, sorry to say but you gotta buy a new system. Cheer up, its easy !

    1. Research the components you'll need, ACCORDING TO YOUR BUDGET. Some of the important ones:

    Processor: These days, a decent quad-core processor is a must if you want to get satisfying performance in gaming. Intel has an edge over AMD right now.

    Mobo: This is one thing that bugs me even now. Again, the mobo you choose will depend MAINLY on your chosen processor, whether you'll be compponents,
    whether you'll be using multiple GPUs and availability of USB 3.0 and SATA III ports.

    RAM: 4GB of memory can work through most games decently. Budget may not be a problem since RAM is dirt cheap these days. Be sure to get DDR3 ram as
    that's the standard these days.

    GPU: Now this forms the most important part of your build. If you game at Medium-High settings, a good mainstream GPU is enough. But if you plan to
    game at Ultra settings with a 1080 HD monitor, then you'll have to go for a slightly high end one. nVidia or AMD, is left to you.

    HDD: This is all to your liking and convenience. Western Digital and Seagate are top brands. Then again, your choice. :D But be sure to buy one with good
    speeds. Atleast 7200 rpm

    PSU: This is what powers up your entire build. They are graded by their wattages like 300Watts allthe way to 1200Watts. If yours is a low-mid range rig, a
    400-500W PSU is good enough. But if its a high-end one, well, you gotta up the watts :kaola:

    2. Check out some sites on the net about how to put your rig together. There're plenty of em. Just google :)

    3. Build em up ! If you arent sure, then call a friend who has some experience with it. But trust me, when you choose, buy and build your own rig by yourself and it turns out to be amazing, nothing like it !! :sol:

    Post your opinion and your budget n I'll recommend the necessary components.
  9. Well thank you AntiZig! Even my comp guy said I wouldn't need a full on new machine but my hope was damn near lost after some of these replies. I figured the graphics weren't THAT hardcore, I just needed upgrades on a few things. And thats the only game I play. Nothing else.
    Ferinthul, I'd give you the number if I knew how to find it. As my screen name states, I'm computer retarded! Hahaha. I only know some basics. I figured a forum like this would be a good choice.
    I think I'll try what AntiZig said, as it seems the cheapest route right now. Thank you soo much!! :^)
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