Moving mouse causes fps to drop to 0

Hi guys, i have searched for weeks with out finding a viable fix.

So here is the thing: When playing certain games after a few minutes the mouse starts to lag. Not a stutter or anything, but complete drop to 0 fps. When i move with WASD i get absolutely no lag, i can spin around and have no lag at all. But if i move the mouse, it drops to 0 until i stop moving it. The weird thing is, it doesn't do it with all games. While playing MW3 it happens and if i move my mouse the FPS drops to 0, but it stays hi using WASD. I can exit out and go play Minecraft and it does the same thing. But, if i go open Skyrim, it does not have this problem.


GPU: GTX 275 896mb
Processor: Intel 2 Core Quad CPU Q8300 @2.5GHz
Ram: 2x2GB DDR2

The only way to fix this problem is to restart the computer. Though it starts acting up awhile later. This is not a virus because I recently reformatted my computer, and I had this problem before I reformatted.

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  1. you say it only happens with some games what games?

    Did you update your video drivers and your mouse drivers?
  2. Make sure you got the latest motherboard drivers, if it's a high end mouse, update the mouse drivers and update your GFX drivers.

    Also, check your temperatures, it's possible your GPU gets hot and presets with strange behavior such as the one you're experiencing.
  3. Games that it lags with: MW3, L4D2, Minecraft.
    If i exit out of those games and play Skyrim, i do not have the problem.

    Video drivers and mouse drivers are updated. How do i check/upgrade my motherboard drivers? My temperature on my gcard is fine. Maxing at like 65*C (i have awesome cooling :3)
  4. So, I tested lowering the CPU Priority of MW3 and it seemed to fix it temporarily, but it then came back. I am uploading a video of just showing the effect of the mouse lag. IT EVEN DOES IT IN MENU SCREENS!
  5. Sorry mods if this is idk too many bumps or something.

    Ok so here is the video.

    It is kinda hard to know what you are looking for. The skipping of the mouse is where the fps drops to 0 then re-appears somewhere else. If you watch the background of the game, you can see it drop in FPS when i move the mouse.

    Also Update: Lower priority of MW3 from High to normal seems to have fixed it, but doesn't work on other games.

    Also, could it be there is something wrong with (something, no clue what it is caused) that the game is getting a higher priority compared to the mouse, and the mouse is trying to keep up?
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