Bf3 cpu spikes, and horrible Lag

Hey guys, I've been playing battlefield 3 over x mas break. Some times it runs smooth as butter, some times it just take a complete dump. Sometimes, I get upwards of 60 fps locked, then it plummets and goes up down up down.
My specs
Amd Athlon IIx4 3.2 ghz
2 gig ram
ati 5670

My ram is overclocked, and it never goes higher than 80 percent, it works fine. I get lag in singleplayer, and multiplayer, not all the time though. Sometimes it runs perfect, then I have huge cpu spikes.
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  1. If I had to guess I would say it's the ram. I've never dealt with overclocked RAM but that might be the problem. Has it ever lagged or spiked without the overclock? Either way I would also suggest you buy an extra 2 gigs of ram for BF3. It's dirt cheap and 2gigs only meets the minimum specifications to run BF3, not the recommended 4gigs.
  2. Sounds like you need more RAM :)
  3. I got it working, IT needed the 12.1 ati preview drivers, works perfect now. Thanks ! :)
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