will dell mobo fit in coolermaster wave master?

i have a dell 8200 system and i am plannin on gettin a new case for better coolin. however, i was wonderin if the dell mobo would fit in the coolermaster wave master case, or if the dell mobo would fit into any other case for that matter.

thanks for all replies.
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  1. Most Dell does not use standard motherboard. They will not fit in a stardard case.
  2. If your Dell has a removable side panel it's probably ATX shaped. If your Dell has a clamshell case design, it's probably proprietary.

    Also remember that Dell's that didn't use the "ATX 12v" connector for P4's...had their own wiring scheme for the power supply.

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  3. You should be ok if you transfer the power supply from the Dell over as well.

    This is a Dimension 8200 I presume.

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  4. I do not think the PSU will fit in an ATX case.
  5. thanks for all the replies.

    well i guess that means i cant fit my mobo into a wavemaster since i have the clam shaped designed case. :(

    as for the power supply, i had to replace mines because the psu that dell gave melted and messed up my previous video card (gf3 ti500).

    well i guess i might as well just build a new cpu. thanks again for all the help.
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