PES 2012 has not been installed


You know, installing and uninstalling softwares consistently
make windows gets sluggish. So I always use deep freeze and install
softwares I need on another partition of my HDD.

Yesterday, I installed pes 2012 on second partition of the disc. ( Deep freeze was
active for only first partition of the HDD ). Today, I attempted to run it again
and saw an error which says 'PES 2012 has not been installed'.

I always install softwares in this way and have never seen an error
other than that. Do you have any suggestion other than closing deep freeze?

Thanks and Happy new year.
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  1. if the game requires to install some driver or run time library or anything like that it will need access to your C drive. Also, it will need access to your registry, which is part of windows.

    I don't have the game and I don't know if it's having this problem even without deep freeze. But awesome as they are, these security measures do have their draw backs.
  2. Thanks for the reply. as far as I could understand, there is no way to run it with deep freeze. maybe I should give up using deep freeze...
  3. well, let me put it this way. Deep freeze has its uses, when you're on unsecure network or you're downloading stuff that you're not 100% sure that it's safe or similar. Basically you use that thing when you feel that your OS might be at risk. That way it prevents any OS files from being affected and thus saves you a headache of dealing with occasional spyware or virus.

    The downfalls of deep freeze is that if you need to install some program that needs to interact with windows directory or similar, it needs to access your OS drive and for the program to work afterwards you need to make sure you disable the deep freeze before you start the installation. Another problem arises when some games require write privileges to registry during run time.

    Long story short, if you have a decent antivirus and you don't go sporadically clicking on all the web popups and ads on the internet and you're smart about what you download and what .exe's you open you should have relatively little trouble rendering deep freeze relatively useless
  4. Thanks again. That was so explanatory. That was too explanatory :)

    As I don't have a anti-vir, I activated deep freeze again after re-installing the game. Everything is okay now. and I'll not be too sensitive from now :)
  5. hello...i have installed pes 2012 with patch it works properly, after a few month i uninstalled tat game. But now i try to install tat again but it not installed properly within few sec it installed only the shortcut is added in desktop...! How can i resolve this pbm?
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